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A good bee season
January 29, 2015, 11:32 am
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P1040395The bees have been very busy this summer. In November I could see that the one hive I had over winter was very strong and was trying to raise a new queen in preparation for swarming. I had my first go at splitting my hive, the bees raised a new queen and so I now have two hives.

With all of the hot weather that we have had this summer the bees are making a lot of honey. A couple of weeks ago we extracted the first box of honey, and I now have another box ready to go. We got 15kg of honey from the first box, I suspect there will be just a little bit next in this next box. I don’t have my own extractor, I use the one that belongs to the North Canterbury Beekeepers Club.

The kids had fun seeing how it all worked, there was a lot of tasting going on throughout the process to make sure it was all ok.P1040382P1040380P1040385P1040387

Thanks Liz and Danny for getting all of the honey into the jars. We are unlikely to eat this much honey, and excess can be used to feed back to the bees in the winter.


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