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Noah’s Day
October 17, 2010, 10:18 pm
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This is a post of a pretty normal day for Noah, he will be 8 months old in 2 days.

He woke up just before 7am in a good mood, chatting away to himself.

He then goes into the big bed for a feed with Mum, before having a second breakfast of solids, normally some sort of mush, often with some blueberries in it. This morning it was just some weetbix.

Sometimes he isn’t that excited about getting his face wiped.

After breakfast he normally has another sleep, and this morning it was a bit of a marathon, over 2 1/2 hours. It’s then out of the pj’s and into some clothes. He uses a mixture of disposable and cloth nappies, this one is one that was made by Mum. A bit of a play on the floor is next before it’s time for another meal. Lunch today was left over roast veges from last night.

Noah and I then jumped into the ute for a trip to a classic car show that was going on up the road. A lot of nice cars, but obviously the pick of them were these 2.

Noah’s cousins came around for a visit and helped him play with one of his favourite toys, the big inflatable ball. It was a pretty warm day which is why he’s got his shirt off.

A bit of jolly jumper action next which he loves.

It was getting on towards the end of Noah’s day, so time for another feed after all his excitement, some mushed up veges today. It was then into the bath for a wash and a splash.

Back into his jammies, read a story, into his sleep sack, teeth cleaned (all 6), and into bed. Pretty sleepy but not entirely convinced it was bedtime, but a few minutes later was sound asleep, and still is as I write this.

He is absolute wee angel, and although it is not smiles all the time he is normally really happy and great fun to be around. We love him to bits.


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That is lovely, what a nice read!

Comment by Trina

You forgot to mention that he talks most of the day! I like how he strategically places the boat when in the bath for his photo shoot.
Looking forward to seeing you on Sat morn – if briefing xxx

Comment by Hayley

Beautiful baby boy! Looking forward to seeing Noah in Tauranga soon,cuddles and smiles.

Comment by Nana & Poppa Pemberton

What a beautiful read and such a happy baby!! Maybe he could have a wee word with Lucas and tell him how to sleep through the night xxx

Comment by susanna

Lovely, lovely baby, Paula and Chris! You are doing a grand job. Fancy Noah being that age, already! We look forward to reading about his progress. xxx

Comment by Clarke & Olga Baker

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