A Cottage in Clarkville

April 13, 2010, 4:46 pm
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Debated about whether or not this warranted a blog post but figured it was like a food gathering effort so in it goes. I went on a fishing trip yesterday with a group of guys from work. We went up to Motunau north of Christchurch and stayed the night in a bach (crib) before being on the boat at 5am.

We then went out over a trench 27km off shore where the water was 108m deep. A lovely sunrise before the fishing began.

Almost straight away we started catching the Groper that we were after. I had some luck straight away and I ended up landing 5 good size fish.

2 at once!

We also saw plenty of dolphins and we caught some blue cod on the way back in. A great way to spend my birthday and it is great to have lots of fish in the freezer.


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Nice work! Sounds like a great way to spend your birthday. No crays?

Comment by Hayley

My, that’s a fine looking fish! Happy birthday 🙂

Comment by Tin, Linus & Anneli

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