A Cottage in Clarkville

About us

We are a pretty normal couple who moved out to the country just over a year ago. In that time we have learnt a lot, how to tip a sheep up and trim it’s feet, how to prune an apple tree, how to wire up a fence and hang a gate, and heaps more. It is an old property that was originally a council house and was occupied by a chap who I believe looked after the local roads and streams. At some stage the council decided it wanted to sell its propertys and so whoever was living in it at the time pegged out an acre and purchased it. All of the land surronding us is still council land, and we lease 3 acres of it.

We haven’t regretted moving out here at all. Despite the fact that there is always many jobs to be done, the benefits of living here always make it worthwhile. We have a large vege garden to grow things in, and there are also many established fruit trees. Some of the fruit trees are possibly a bit old and so we may need to look at replacing some at some stage. The fruit tree inventory is roughly:

3 apple trees

3 quince trees

1 small pear tree

1 nectarine

1 peach

heaps of plums

1 massive walnut tree with a tree house

I love working outside and getting things sorted out. My golf game has certainly gone downhill since moving here but that hasn’t concerned me too much.

We are expecting our first child in February, so well as lots of things to learn about that, we also have a bit of decorating to be done inside.

We became instant sheep farmers when we moved here, although it was never the plan we are enjoying having them out in the paddock.


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