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Chicken plans
January 16, 2012, 9:29 pm
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I hae just realised that I had this post written back in November but I hadn’t published it! Read on and I will give an update at the bottom…..
I had a cunning plan for our chickens, but the girls were having none of it. I decided that we could make use of them to help weed out parts of our vegetable garden. I thought that they would be excited about this, as although they have a very large run, they have scratched it bare and don’t often get out for a run around the garden, and when they do they make a mess in areas we don’t want them.
I found on Trade Me a lovely little portable coop suitable for 6 chooks, and then got some netting that can be hooked up to an electric fence unit. I set it up in the area of the vege garden closest to the house where we want to plant the pumpkins. I moved the chickens in one evening, but by 9am the next morning they had all got out and gone to lay their eggs in their old house. I hadn’t been able to hook up the electric fence unit because the grass was too long and would have shorted it out.
I will have to mow a strip around the edge before starting again, but I think my best bet will be to get some new chickens in for the new coop, and leave the others where they are.
I am still keen to get the system going, as there will always be somewhere to set them up, I have plans for them around the fejoas, and then in the orchard when there is excess fruit dropping on the ground.
Will keep you posted!

Latest news….. As I said I would I cleared around the edge of the garden and set up the electric netting. I then purchased 4 nine week old brown shaver chickens and put them into the moveable coop (the other chickens are still in their original coop). The man I bought them off said I should leave them in their coop for 5 days before letting them out into the garden.

After 3 days (yesterday) I thought they would like a run around so I let them out in the evening. I kept an eye on them but when I went to lock them away there was only 3 in their house! I had a big look around the garden with a torch but no sign. Luckily this morning she was found in a nearby bush. I have done the same again tonight, hopefully they are all safe in bed, I will go and check soon. Here is a picture of the area I want them to clear, they have their work cut out!


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