A Cottage in Clarkville

Spring 2011
November 14, 2011, 8:47 pm
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Another long break between posts I’m sorry. Spring 2011 has nearly finished, and it’s been a good one at the Cottage, except for the bees. The big excitement is the news of a new arrival due next April, Noah will have himself a partner in crime to run around with.
The vegetable garden is in its normal state of being behind where it should be. I have just finished doing the first mounding up of the Jersey Benny potatoes, not sure if they will be ready for Christmas, but will be close. Will be planting a main crop of Ilam Hardies soon. Have got some seeds in, but the ones I have been raising in the egg trays don’t seem to be going so well. We have got plans of growing pumpkins, squash and watermelons in the part of the garden closest to the house. It’s the part that is more often than not overrun by weeds, and that is how it is at the moment. I did have plans of getting the chickens to clear it out for me, more on that in my next post! I have planted some corn, bean and pea seeds directly into the garden today, and we purchased some plants from the local Ohoka Farmers Market that are now in as well. We have got Lebanese cucumbers, tomatoes (Cherry, Roma and Russian Red), Black Zucchini, and celery. The rocket and mesculin lettuce is doing well.
The garlic is looking good and probably isn’t far off being ready, and we still have a few things to get onto.
The sheep are doing well, the lambs are getting big, and there is heaps of grass around for them, have just trimmed their feet and cleaned a couple of bums.
I have been on a basic cheesemaking course so will be making my first feta soon, and have finally had success with making yogurt.


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