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Lambing 2011
September 15, 2011, 1:20 pm
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Another successful lambing this year, a solid 200% again.
The mums did well again, both delivering a healthy set of twins, all by themselves and they are looking after them and feeding them well. They also chose a couple of lovely warm spring days to deliver them. There are 3 boys and one girl. This weekend we will put the rings on the tails, and the slightly more distressing job of putting rings on the boys bits.
We did have to take the girl for a quick visit to the vet as she had a lame foot and it seems she had an infection or injury. It wasn’t too bad and a quick jab from the vet has seen her right.
The mums are getting on a bit in years so there is a chance that these will be their last lambs. They have done a great job, the main thing that will decide if they visit the ram next year is the state of their teeth, as they need a good set to be able to eat enough grass to produce plenty of milk.


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Aaaaah so cute! I wish we had some!

Comment by Tineke

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