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A Driveway
January 9, 2011, 9:13 pm
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I was going to call this post our new driveway, but we never really had an old one, just some tracks that had been worn in the yard.
We decided to get it sorted out and so our neighbour who is a contractor brought in his big machines, and we have finished up with a great looking driveway.
It wasn’t all that easy, the digging out was all straight forward but getting the boxing done wasn’t quite as easy. We did it during the worst nor’ west storm in 5 years so the temperature was well into the 30’s and it was very dusty. The ground had all become compacted after being driven over for the last 80 years and so it involved a lot of work with the crowbar and sledge-hammer. Of course my soft hands weren’t used to this and so I ended up with plenty of blisters!
The gravel we used needed to be kept damp to help it get compacted, but this was a real battle in the wind, and then a power line went down somewhere which meant we had no power for the pump and so no water was available for a while. Anyway we got it all sorted, and so we now just need some grass to grow around it, and sometime down the track we hope to get it chip sealed.


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The driveway is pretty posh – trying to keep up with the neighbours! Your hands were a mess – but such a short time of pain for a lot gained!

Comment by Hayley

What a great driveway I agree with Hayley, very posh.

Comment by val familton

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