A Cottage in Clarkville

A Shakey Spring
September 10, 2010, 11:27 am
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We are still here but completely over all of the aftershocks. Our chimney got taken down before it decided to fall down. We can still use our log burner but not the coal range. Now that it is warming up a bit that won’t cause us any problems and hopefully we can get it rebuilt by next winter.

Obviously we have been very lucky that we didn’t suffer any other damage. I haven’t been under the house to check the pilings, not too excited about doing that in case we get another aftershock. Luckily Noah doesn’t care about earthquakes and aftershocks. He is still doing great, almost 7 months old now.

On a brighter note there are plenty of signs of spring around. We have realised that we aren’t going to get rich from our daffodil crop this year. While most of the bulbs are going to flower several aren’t, and we will be looking ahead to future years when the bulbs divide up.

The fruit trees are all starting to blossom. They haven’t had their big prune, still doing lots of learning on that front, I have found out it will be a 3-4 year process to get them to where they should be. No rush, we aren’t going anywhere.

The lambs are doing really well, we ended up with 3 sets of twins, so a 200% lambing for us, a great result. 4 ewe lambs so that will help in expanding our flock. It is great to see the 6 lambs gamboling around, especially late in the afternoon.

The chickens have finally figured out their new feeder, it took muck longer than the 2 or 3 weeks indicated, but they got there in the end. Let the savings on chicken food begin!


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So glad to see everyone out at the cottage in Clarkville looking healthy and full of beans after such a stress filled week! Noah has such a happy outlook on life! And even the chooks got there in the end! Good on you guys, keep it up. XXX

Comment by Emily

Gamboling – an interesting word – I have been marking Y7/8 writing tests – didn’t see the use of that word at all!
Good to hear spring has arrived and making life a nicer place!
Noah is looking very mischievous!

Comment by Hayley

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