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Unexpected early arrival(s)
August 13, 2010, 8:37 pm
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I was out feeding sheep nuts to the girls and Wally this morning and noticed a sheep was missing.  I shook the container a bit harder and one of the pregnant ewes started running over with a lamb hanging out its rear end!  What a panic.  I thought the lamb was dead but then noticed it moving and within a few minutes it was cleaned up by Mum and starting to try to stand.  Shortly after it was joined by its twin.  This one didn’t get such a good clean so is still a bit pink and grubby.  They are mega cute and looking healthy so far.  I have them under cover tonight in the hay shed so hopefully they are cosy and safe.


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Comment by Emma

Congratulation!!! Spring is in the air!

Comment by Emily

(Nice to see where wheelbarrows go when they die…)

Comment by Emily

Very cute – not as cute a bald wee Noah!

Comment by Hayley

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