A Cottage in Clarkville

Winter in Clarkville
July 10, 2010, 8:51 pm
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Not too much happening around the place at the moment, although because of the shorter days we still seem to keep busy. Daily tasks are letting the chooks out and checking their food. The local sparrows are certainly taking more than their fair share and so we are going to invest in a feeder that prevents this.

We are feeding out to the sheep daily, they love their lucerne but also eat a bit of hay. They come running as soon as they think you are going anywhere near the hay shed.

Also on the topic of sheep, our sheep yard is almost finished. It hasn’t been tried out for real yet, the first time will probably be when we check their feet and give the ewes their pre-lambing vaccine (the 3 of them are looking pregnant). Keep an eye out for an invite to the official yard opening.

Toby still gets his daily walk (nearly every day), normally down at the Silverstream Reserve where he can go for a swim in what must be a very cold stream.

We also need to keep the firewood baskets topped up. We are certainly getting through the wood with running the coal range and logburner going.

Normally the last job before dark is feeding out to the horses that stay here, and shutting the chooks in for the night.

I have enrolled in a pruning course through agribusiness, and have just had my first class. Our first lesson was on roses, and I can’t wait to get out and do ours, although apparently the form in Canterbury is to do them in August.

And of course in amongst all of this is spending time with Noah, who is going through a very smiley stage and continues to get cuter and cuter, but not much hairier!


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