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Noah, Toby and the Ute
July 2, 2010, 10:09 pm
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Just an update on the boys and the ute.

Noah is going great, nearly 4 months old and thriving. He is still very cute, despite his continued attempts to scratch his face. He sleeps pretty well at night, normally sleeping through. Still gets a bit unsettled from time to time but we can normally figure out what is up. Often a song from Dad works (court of King Caractacus always popular), but not as well as a feed from Mum. He is an absolute delight.

Toby is doing well despite the winter weather. Hasn’t done anything incredibly naughty and no unscheduled trips to the vet for a while. He loves travelling around on the back of the ute, but I think he prefers sitting in the front. He is now about 10months old and 33kg.

The ute, still going great. Bit of work going on with it, the generator needed a wee bit of work and there is a bit of rust to be seen to. I have managed to track down some new rubber to go around the windscreen as that was perished. I have had a tonneau cover made for the back, and I am now a proud member of the South Island Austin ‘Flying A’ enthusiasts club. It has seen some work picking up some posts, gates and coal. I don’t need much of ana excuse to take it out. I have to keep a look out for other old british cars driving around as it is apparently the form to wave at each other.


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Wow! Who is that cute little thing in orange? Bea misses her cousin. Toby is so smart writing his name in the sand. You and Paula must be so proud. xxx

Comment by Emma

Like the fist pump from Bea – not only does she wear what her Aunty did but wants to be like her!!! Noah looks like his Dad and is unamussed by this behaviour!
When is Noah gonna grow some hair? Not that he’s not cute without out – he is looking very alert and s-m-a-r-t! Did he read his postcard?

Comment by Hayley

Oh my gosh Chris… I was just singing the Court of King Caractacus to some people the other day reminiscing of the old Cromwell Primary singing room!!! Congrats on the (not-so-new) arrival of Noah!

All the best mate!

Comment by Al Ronberg

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