A Cottage in Clarkville

April 16, 2010, 7:05 pm
Filed under: Garden

The walnuts have started falling again. This is our second walnut crop so we think we know what we are doing. Last year we purchased a walnut picker upper, that’s the technical term. It rolls over the ground picking up walnuts but leaving the leaves and other stuff behind.

The cage then gets lowered over the piece of wire over the bucket and all the walnuts drop out.

The walnuts then get sorted and are given a wash on one of the frames I made, before drying for about 3 days. We then bag them up and will sell most of them to the Walnut processing place.

Last year we sold 160kg and still had plenty for ourselves and friends.


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What an amazing machine!!! Someone is a genius!!!

Comment by Emily

Nice nuts, it must be genetic

Comment by Emma

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