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Puppy Emergency
February 8, 2010, 6:54 pm
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Huge drama today. I went out this morning and discovered our supposed pet safe rat bait station in the middle of the driveway with one of the baits lying beside it. Toby had somehow managed to shake it so much one of the baits came out. We could tell that there was some of the bait in his mouth and so it was straight into the car and off to the vet.

They immediately started putting some drugs into his eye to make him vomit. This was obviously quite unpleasant for him, and we had to give him a few doses before his first spew, which contained some of the blue rat bait. There were several more spews before his stomach was empty. The bait works by stopping blood clotting so he now needs several doses of vitamin K. He had a big dose of it today by injection and it hurt like heck. Another dose tomorrow and then 2 weeks via pills before a blood test to see if his blood is clotting. Hurrah for pet insurance as the pills alone cost $8 each.

We are so lucky that we found the evidence so quickly and that he hadn’t hidden it anywhere or our lovely pup would have died. Any symptoms would have taken a couple of days to show and it would then have probably been too late.

He seems ok now, and the bait stations have been moved out of his reach. Disaster avoided.


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Isn’t it great to have pets? Toby’s probably happily unaware of the drama he caused..

Comment by Anya

Yes I think he is happily unaware. Certainly seems to be fine this morning. He is such a muppet sometimes.

Comment by clarkvillecottage

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