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February 7, 2010, 9:50 am
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Following on from my chicken posting when I said all our hens were happy and healthy, one of them got sick! She was not laying eggs and seemed generally unwell and not hanging out with her mates. We did an inspection looking for mites and also to check that an egg hadn’t got stuck but couldn’t see anything wrong. After talking to the vet we gave all the hens a dose of wormer on the back of their necks. They all seem to be well and acting normally but we are still only getting 2 eggs a day.

Toby is off to the vet again today, this time it is a planned visit as he is getting neutered. We are expecting him back tonight feeling a bit sore and sorry for himself.

Here he is getting his teeth cleaned.

And not an animal health issue, but there was a Shetland Pony show on in the neighbouring paddock so we wandered over to have a look.


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Aaah – cute ponies! Hope Toby won’t feel to bad about losing his balls…

Comment by Anya

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