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The Honey is in the Jars
January 21, 2010, 9:13 am
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I got the call from my friends at the North Canterbury Beekeeping Club to say they were going to be doing some honey extracting and I could bring my honey super around. After watching them do their extracting and asking lots of questions it was my turn. After taking the wax capping off the frames they get placed into racks in the honey extractor and spun around. The honey flies out and hits the side of the extractor drum and drips down to the bottom. A tap is then opened at the bottom and the honey flows out into a bucket. It was such a great feeling watching my honey flow out. In the end there was about 17 litres of honey, I was absolutely chuffed with that much from my first season.We believe it is just regular clover honey, but it tastes good.

I had thought that was pretty much all there was to it, but I now have to learn about processing the honey, because apparently it will go hard if I don’t do anything else to it.

At the moment it is in jars and ice cream containers while I figure out what to do next.


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I am happy to confirm the honey’s deliciousness.

Who’s that cute baby in the background?! 😉

Comment by Tin, Linus & Anneli

How to make the best out of a sticky situation!!!

Comment by Em

FABULOUS! Kids are requesting it every day! We might have to have a regular order!

Comment by Trina

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