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Fences and Gates
December 16, 2009, 10:30 pm
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One of the things that has stopped us doing as much as we have wanted to with the property is the state of (or lack of)  the fences and gates. Some progress has been made, but a very productive couple of days were had this week. I am in the middle of doing a fencing coursewith agribusiness, and on Saturday a practical day was held here at our place. The task was to mostly dismantle and then make a new 7 wire post and batten fence. The original fence had a heap of barbed wire and wasn’t strained up at all, and a few of the post were pretty rotten and needed replaced. So we now have the before and after shots….

There were 6 guys doing the course and so once we figured out what we were doing it went pretty quickly, but there was a bit cutting wire where something had been stuffed up. By the end of a hot windy day we were the proud owners of a 96m mostly new fence.

I was so inspired by that I decided to have a go myself at fixing up the boundary fence we share with the pony club. This also went well, I just need a hand to get some more battens attached.

So a few more fences to go, but it is great to be making progress.

One hassle we have been having is Toby going and running off with the people who come to work with their horses. On Tuesday I decided I was going to prune some roses when Toby ran off for about the 3rd time that day. That made me give up on the pruning and attempt to Labrador proof the horse paddocks. The first step was to fix up an old gate we had and put that up between the barn and the big macrocarpa hedge. This also required digging in a post and putting a small bit of sheep netting. That all went well, and I then had to run a wire along the old fence that was right inside the macrocarpa hedge. This was quite difficult and resulted in a lot of scratches. Unfortunately I have discovered today that it is not quite lab proof and will need another wire along some of it, but I will get that done tomorrow morning. Was very happy with getting the gate done, and it will now mean that we can also use that paddock for sheep.


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