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An operation for the Pup
December 16, 2009, 10:56 pm
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I had Toby out in the paddock last night when he found something in a patch of barley grass that needed investigating. I suspect he was sniffing a poo, but I can’t confirm this. Anyway he started sneezing straight away so something had obviously got up his nose. We hoped it would clear but this morning he was still sneezing so off to the vet we go. It was quickly decided he had to be put under so they could get out whatever was up there. So we left him behind, and went home. While waiting we got onto trying to get rid of the barley grass. A very kind neighbour took care of the big paddock while I zipped around the smaller bits on the old ride on mower. We soon got the call that they had got out the offending seed, and by 2 o’clock he was ready to come home. He was still a bit dopey but generally ok. We were lucky enough to get to keep the offending seed.

So by tonight he was completely back to normal, and we are a little bit poorer, but happy to have him well again.


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Your dog has great taste in beer!

Comment by Em

a beer is exactly what he needs after such an ordeal xx

Comment by karma

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