A Cottage in Clarkville

December 8, 2009, 10:56 pm
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I never really understood Feijoas until I met my wife. They weren’t very big in Cromwell, but very common in her home town of Tauranga. However I have come round to the charm of these strange little fruit. We planted a couple of trees when we lived in suburbia, and we were quite excited to see a Feijoa hedge had been started for us here at Clarkville. It is in the paddock now known as the house paddock, due to it being beside the house. When we decided it was going to be a paddock I had to put a fence around the hedge to protect it from the sheep, however the fence also does a good job of keeping the lawnmower out, hence the hedge got a bit overtaken by the grass.You can see the mower in the above picture. It was a very slow job but eventually all of the grass got mown, it filled up the trailer which Toby helped me empty.

The trailer then got filled up with mulch, but this time before I spread it I placed cardboard on the ground around the individual plants, so hopefully this keeps the grass down and retains the moisture.


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