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Bee Update
October 30, 2009, 11:00 pm
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Some progress on the bee keeping front. My hive now has bees in it which I got from fellow North Canterbury Beekeeping Club members. It is sitting beside their hives which is just around the corner from here. That is very convenient to go and see and help out and learn when my friends work on their hives, but unfortunately is only just over 1 kilometer away as the bee flies, and so gives us some problems when we want to move the hive onto our property here. Apparently if you want to move a bee hive, you have to move it at least 5 kilometers, or else the flying bees get very confused and will return to the old hive site where they will die. If a hive is moved a long way then when the bees emerge they recognise that they are in a new location and so accept that and do some looking around and start navigating and foraging from scratch. If you want to move a hive a short distance you can only move it one meter per day.

Next week we will move the hive to a new location at another Bee Club members property, where it will have to stay for at least 3 weeks. The hive is looking strong and we should be able to put a honey super (box) on soon. One thing I do need to do is practice using my new bee smoker.


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