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A productive weekend.
October 30, 2009, 10:49 pm
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The weekend before last was very productive. On the Saturday morning we had a sparky here doing some electrical work, putting in new power points etc. While he was here the neighbours digger made an appearance again, this time to clear out a big pile of old concrete waste that had been sitting behind the barn since before we moved here.


Concrete Waste


The digger made short work of loading it into another neighbours truck and with every scoop I had a big smile on my face thinking about what a big job it would be if I had to load it onto our wee trailer. conveniently the neighbour with the truck is making a tennis court and is digging a big hole to get gravel for the base. Our concrete waste went straight into the hole saving me quite a lot of money if I had to dump it elsewhere. While the big hole was being dug we went over with our trailer and got a few scoops of gravel to fill in the hole left by the spa pool (in the area being made into a dog run). Some of the concrete waste above did go into the hole first, but there was far too much there for it all to go in. The wee corolla certainly got a good workout trying to pull the trailer full of gravel.

Some more work was also done on the dog run room where the spa pool pump used to be. It should be a cosy room after I’ve finished, thanks to the insulation being but in the walls.

Dog Room

Insulation for new dog room


The neighbour building the new tennis court had taken down a heap of chain link fencing around the old tennis court, and we were able to take some of that to put across the open side of the dog run.

So a very productive weekend at almost no cost. I was very chuffed to see the last of the concrete waste as it was a job that had been hanging around and I wasn’t sure how I was going to get rid of it. I now plan to extend the chicken run so it goes the length of the barn.


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