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Good Bye Spa Pool.
October 5, 2009, 10:58 pm
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One of the big jobs I’ve had on the list of things to do for a while is getting rid of the spa pool in our back yard. It was an in ground, very 70’s looking, old school spa pool. We aren’t really spa pool people and I think the running costs of this thing would have been shocking.

Before the arrival of the digger

Before the arrival of the digger

So it has been ignored up until today when I decided to hire a pump to get it emptied. The water was a lovely brown colour but we got it all out ok. I did have visions of digging all around it but then we decided to call the neighbour who has a big digger to see if that might be the way to get it out. We decided we didn’t care if it got smashed in the process as we figured it wasn’t worth anything. It turns out the digger owner was out of town but there was another guy who could drive it who came around. I had to cut a couple of pipes and pull down a fence  to allow the digger in but within an hour the digger was here. With a rope around it the spa pool just popped out of the hole and onto a trailer.Spa is out The huge bonus was the digger driver was on the hunt for a spa pool and so has taken it away! We are wrapped to have the job done and we will get the hole filled in tomorrow. We are looking at using the area as a dog run.


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