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Not every day is great
October 2, 2009, 8:30 pm
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Not such a good day on the farm today. I had let the grass get away too much, but today I finally got a chance to get on the mower while the grass was dry. Our mower isn’t very flash, but most of the time it goes ok, it just doesn’t like mowing lots of long grass. I had got quite a lot done but then a belt decided it didn’t want to stay on its pulley. I got it back on once but couldn’t the 2nd time it happened. It appears the belt is about to break in several places and has become stretched. So it will be off to the shop to get sorted.

After I gave up on trying to fix the mower I went to collect the eggs. As soon as I got into the coop I saw a big rat running out. It is only the 3rd rat I have seen since we have been here, and they appear to be kept away as long as I keep the rat stations baited. Sure enough I had let the bait stations run out of bait. I have now topped up the stations so hopefully that will sort the problem.

So I guess the lesson I have learnt is to keep on top of things like grass and bait stations.


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Ohoka Gas station is the place to go for a new belt – just around the corner. As for killing rats: cats are superiour…

Comment by Anya

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