A Cottage in Clarkville

Fun With a Pile of Dirt
September 30, 2009, 2:11 am
Filed under: Farm

I was out having a clear up under the gum trees today, pulling out all of the fallen branches and bark, when the friendly neighbour pulls up with a dump truck of dirt on the back. He said they are taking out a heap of topsoil and would I like some. Well I thought a pile of topsoil soil sounds like a handy thing to have so I said I would take a load. I got him to dump it in the paddock out of sight of the house. That was my only mistake, because if I had put it where we could see it we could have watched the lambs playing on it. They think this new thing in this paddock is great and continued to play on while I was out there working. lambs on dirt pileOne of them played on it so much it fell asleep on it. All of the tails have dropped off by the way. The sheep that was looking thin is doing ok, we are still feeding her extra lucerne and sheep nuts.


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I bet those cuties are enjoying themselves! Surely you can’t put them on the bbq…?

Comment by Anya

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