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Battle Against the Codling Moth
September 30, 2009, 7:51 am
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This is the apple tree that sits outside our kitchen window. I gave it a good prune over the winter, and now I am waging a war against the codling moth that ravaged last season’s crop. It wasn’t a complete write-off, as we used some of the apples for cooking as well making a couple of batches of very drinkable cider. This season though I am taking action. I have divided off some of our comfrey plant and put that underneath, and you will also see that I have wrapped some corrugated cardboard around the trunk. The caterpillars are supposed to get caught in the cardboard and I believe the comfrey is supposed to keep them away as well. The other thing I will be doing is getting some pheromone traps to catch the moths.

Defences against codling moth

Defences against codling moth


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Now that Paula can’t have cider I’m willing to help you finish any spare bottles.

Comment by Anya

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