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A Big Job
September 29, 2009, 8:53 pm
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While several people had nice things to say about the vege garden pictured in an earlier post, I now have to reveal that unfortunately that is only half of the story. Overgrown half of vege gardenThis is the other half of the vege garden that doesn’t have nice paths and raised beds. The frames you can see were strawberry beds, and obviously the old glasshouse is also in need of a bit of work. Although we have had a couple of goes at tidying this area up, it keeps getting away on us, and gets overrun with weeds. So the time has come to get it sorted. Since taking this photo, I have got the frames out, transplanted 15 strawberry plants, lifted up all of the old weed matting, and cleared out the stuff beside the glass house. Hopefully now that the strawberry plants have been transplanted we will have a much better crop. Last year the plants were all competing with weeds and were difficult to get to. Hoping for a bumper crop now. In beside the glass house were some interesting finds, including several large pots, a wheelbarrow (the 3rd we have found here) some sprinklers and some type of large push hoe thing (potential garden ornament?), and a paddling pool (hopefully the sheep know the rule about not peeing in the pool).

Things found beside the glasshouse

Things found beside the glasshouse

The plan now is to spray out the weeds (not a huge fan of spraying but I think that it’s the best option here). After that we will sort out some new beds with paths in between. The final plan hasn’t been sorted yet, but we are looking at putting a deciduous fruit tree in the middle. This will provide a bit of shade for the glasshouse in the height of summer, but the sun will get through to it in the winter. Work required on the glasshouse is replacement of a few windows (I’ll be helped out with this by the chap that I did the compost bin swap with), and new clearlight on the roof and south side. It will then be given a new paint job.

Something for the sheep found beside the glasshouse

Something for the sheep found beside the glasshouse


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Thank you for your honesty Chris. I feel a lot better! Good luck with the weeds.

Comment by Lyn and Gino

Great Blog!……There’s always something here to make me laugh…Keep doing what ya do 🙂

Comment by Discoking

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