A Cottage in Clarkville

September 19, 2009, 10:00 pm
Filed under: House

I do love poached eggs. Happily the chickens are now drinking out of theit new water dispenser! The first recipe of hopefully many on this blog… well not really a recipe, just how I make my poached eggs. After heating the element to make my coffee in the espresso maker, I get my small pot of water onto boil. While this is happening get the toaster ready. Once the water is boiling break the eggs into a glass, and using the slotted spoon that you need later, get the water spinning in the pot. Once this is happening slide the eggs out of the glass into the spinning water. Here is the important bit, get the bread into the toaster. Turn the water down to a simmer. After the toast has popped and you have buttered it the eggs will be ready. I realise this will only work if you have the same toaster as me. Anyway a bit of salt and pepper on top, lovely! I would have a picture but I only thought of it as I finished it this morning. Next time I will take a photo, and also time my toaster!


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Sounds yummy! I think the perfect match would be snaps.

Comment by Anya

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