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Supermarket Etiquette
September 17, 2009, 10:08 am
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Had a bad run at the supermarket today, not too many people there but those that were kept stopping in the aisle right beside someone else, therefore completely blocking it, and then paying no attention to those wanting to get past ie. me. I was unsure of the etiquette in this situation, I am just supposed to wait, perhaps a cough, or a loud ‘excuse me’? I ended up kind of just shuffling back and forward and then as soon as wee gap opened tried to squeeze through. It made things worse that I had picked a trolley with a dicky wheel, so when I was able to go the wheel stuck and made an embarrassing noise.


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This is how I do it: “Make way, make way – coming through!”
/Modest Swede

Comment by Anya

OH NO! I am one of those people that do that, that’s a small problem when you have worked and lived in the same small town for many years – it’s impossible to do a supermarket shop without running in to somebody you know! In fact, that is the reason Jemma is at Fernside School – I ran into her teacher-to-be at Woolies (don’t usually shop there either!) who encouraged me to put her in the ballot that closed THAT WEEK! I rest my case … it is important to stop and talk to people!

Comment by Trina

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