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September 17, 2009, 10:02 am
Filed under: Farm

My Bee HiveGot the call this morning to go and help a couple look at their bee hive. Got my new gear on and met them down the road. Their hives were getting a bit big and starting to produce more queens, a sign that they may soon swarm. I was pretty chuffed that I managed to spot the current queen ok. We basically just smashed up the cells that were making queens, violent. They kept one though to start up another hive. It was beside a paddock of young calves that were pretty interested in what we were up to, at least until one of them touched the electric fence. No stings for me. Looking forward to getting my hive going.

Planted a few seed potatoes as well as some vege seeds today.

Not prepared to give out the sheep names yet, but I will advise if any guesses are correct.


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Have you got bees in your beehive yet? We are making new Queens for our hives at the moment.

Comment by Lyn and Gino

No, not quite, have got the frames in, am expecting bees in about 2 weeks.

Comment by clarkvillecottage

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